Introducing the Free Your Tongue Fluency System!


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If you’re like most people, then the IDEA of talking another language is what gets you into the classroom and makes you buy the books.


The REALITY of conventional language study classes is what turns you off and makes you believe learning another language is impossible.




The Free Your Tongue (FYT) Fluency System DOES NOT aim to teach you a language.
If you’ve been studying for a long time and still feel shy, nervous or uncomfortable speaking to foreigners then the FYT Fluency System system will fix that fast!

 Instead it provides you with techniques and knowledge about how you learn so that you can study more effectively and more efficiently.

Most people study really hard, but end up quitting on their language learning dreams because they can’t see themselves improving.

Does this sound familiar?

The reason is very simple – nobody has ever sat you down and explained how you learn languages.

Everybody can speak so it is easily within your power to do it – but why don’t you?

Well in truth, we have an industrial language learning system where most of the teachers don’t even understand how languages are learned.  

The simple facts are that for most people;

  • Knowing what words mean in another language, does not guarantee speaking success.
  • Most people who have to perform in a second language, have problems in speaking the words they already know.
  • Whether in a test, or a business meeting, at a party or in the classroom the same problems affect every situation.
The FYT Fluency System is specifically designed to build confidence, fluency and enjoyment in speaking a new language.
Why waste more money on language classes only to feel like you are improving at a snail’s pace? When you start to use your new understanding of learning properly, your fluency skills will go like a rocket!
Language lessons aren’t cheap, they cost anything from $20 per hour and up! Wouldn’t you want to learn how to maximize the money you spend on your lessons? 


30-day-money-back-guarantee-checkDesigned through years of study, research and understanding,  is the next step in language learning and understanding. Drawing on years of teaching experience, elements of psychology and subconscious training, The FYT System builds your confidence from the inside. If you do not feel more confident or see an improvement in your speaking results within 30 days we’ll give you a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  
The FYT Fluency System takes you step by step through all major hurdles you face on your road to fluency and teaches you how to break through them all, FAST!

What do you get?

  • Free Your Tongue Textbook – Essential information to increase your learning and fvr_1speaking speed

  • Free Your Tongue Workbook Crammed full of exercises to improve fluency and confidence – FAST!

  • FYT Audiobook Learning / Fluency build up on the go so you can continue your journey to confident foreign language wherever you are

  • FYT Learning Attitude Track – Designed specifically using cutting edge technology and neuroscience.

  • FYT Language Motivation Language learning is a marathon, make sure you have the power to see it through!

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