Thomas Troward was one of the forefathers of what is today the multi-billion dollar personal development industry.The Creative Process in the Individual

Writing in a clear and logical style, his book `The Creative Process in the Individual’ is perhaps one of the most complete works on how to use your creative factor to succeed.

Professionals, small business owners and employees at every level have only to look to their own innate ability to create, to realize a more rewarding life. By unlocking your own creative power and working with it you can eliminate competition from your life.

Every business has to create new products, services and ways of interacting with their customers. This creative process is one that can be harnessed using the process of creative thinking.

For any manager or employee it is essential that they firmly understand:

“Amateurs compete, professionals create.”

By learning how to use your creative process effectively and naturally you can create a life rich in rewards, financial, professional or personal.

Creative thinking is the answer to the major business problems of the modern age. How to develop a company in the modern global economy is something that requires individuals who can innovate and develop new methods and working practices.

`The Creative Process in the Individual’ enables the reader to do just that, to create with ease solutions that will lead to higher rewards of prosperity, enjoyment and fulfillment.

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